All The Ways You Can Lace Your Yeezys by Kayne West!

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Yeezys can be described as a medley of the genius of Kanye West and the supreme build quality, materials, and comfort that Adidas has trademarked over the years. Yeezys are one of the most comfortable, stylish, and trendy sneakers available on the market. The full-length Boost midsole that is available on a wide variety of Yeezys is able to cushion your feet and provides an experience like no other (a very good experience if I do say so myself!). The innovativeness and ‘Modern Vision’ of Yeezys make them instant hits, and most pairs sell out within a few seconds of being put up on the internet. If you want to find out more about Yeezys, make sure to check out my article on where they are made and how to clean them. If you are looking for a way to lace your Yeezys after you have given them a clean, you have come to the right place.

Today, We will discuss the best ways to tie your Yeezys to keep them looking fresh or to provide a style change. I will stick to describing how to lace Yeezy 350s and 350 V2s but you can apply this method of lacing to any Yeezy of your choosing. Most Yeezys are a slightly different take on the original – for example, the Yeezy 350 V2 is slightly different from the original Yeezy 350. Therefore, you can apply the lacing method described below to any Yeezy you own.

How To Lace Yeezy 350s?

There are a variety of different methods you can follow to lace your 350s – the method you choose depends on the style you are looking for:

First of all, I will describe the ‘base’ to tieing up your Yeezy 350s. When I refer to the base, I am talking about the initial lacing up of the shoe if they are completely unlaced; to get the different styles, you will have to tie them differently closer to the tongue of the shoe (the first eyelets if you look down when you are wearing them) so the base is always the same. Already laced the base? Scroll below this next section.

How to Tie the base of the Yeezy 350

Take the laces of your choice and take one end. Pierce the hole closest to the middle of the Yeezy 350 and pull the strings through from the other side of the shoe. Take the other end of the string and pierce the other hole (stick to the holes that are closest to the middle for now!) from out to in (the end of the string should start outside and then make its way into the shoe) and pull the end through. How much you pull the lace depends on how tight you want your 350s to be – if you want them to fit tightly, pull a bit more but not too much as this may deform the upper of the shoe.

Take the ends of the laces and make them equal in length by adjusting either end of the lace. Take one end of the laces (when you have made sure that they are equal in length!) and pierce the outer eyelet (still at the very bottom of all the eyelets) from in to out – do this for both ends of the laces. Once both ends have been poked through the eyelet that is furthest away from the middle of the 350, take one end and pierce it through the hole closest to the middle on the other side of the sneaker – once done on both sides, this will form an X shape. Do this from out to in which means that your laces should now be inside the shoe – to take them out, pierce the hole on the outside for the same eyelet level (similar to the way you have done before) from in to out.

Continue repeating the steps (make a cross from out to in, then take the laces back out again using the hole furthest from the middle and repeat the process for the eyelet level above – when you cross the laces, make sure to go only one eyelet above!). Once you have reached the top eyelet, and your Yeezy 350s have started looking normal, we can begin with the different methods.

For Yeezys with bases already laced

Factory Knot

The factory knot is the way that Kanye himself likes to lace his Yeezys. To do the factory knot, wrap both ends of the laces around the first two fingers of your hands. Make a loop with the ends but make sure that is loose enough to pull your fingers out from within. Cross the ends of the laces to make an X after you have made the loop – slide your fingers out of the loop but pinch the loop with your thumb and forefinger to make sure that it doesn’t fall apart or unravel.

Now the next steps may sound a bit confusing but try to understand me here – take the excess lacing that is underneath the loop you have made into your free hand. Make a fold with the excess lace and pull it through the loop you have created but make sure to keep the tips of the laces out of the equation. Now pull the loop to tighten the loop to make sure that it can hold the fold within its grasp and voila! Your factory knot should be done. You can adjust the look by pulling the laces from the tips or by the fold to style the factory knot like you want but make sure to keep the tips of the laces out of the loop. The factory knot is useful as it will keep your laces tied for longer compared to a traditional ‘bunny-ear) tying method.

Noose Knot

Now, this tying method may sound a bit sinister, but I promise you it looks very good. I would describe the noose knot as the midpoint between the factory knot and the standard (bunny ear) tying method.

Start the noose knot by crossing your laces over each other to make a cross (like you would when you are tying your laces normally). Pull the ends of the laces to tighten the fit of your shoe and grab one end and make a ‘bunny ear’ loop with it. Take the other (free) lace and wrap it around the bunny ear that you have made with one lace. Make sure to wrap the lace tightly around the bunny ear loop you have created and start the loop in the middle of the loop.

Keep wrapping the lace around the bunny ear loop you made and work your way downwards from the midpoint where you made your first loop. Try to get about 4 full wraps of the free lace around the bunny ear loop and make sure that you keep the wraps taut as you don’t want the ‘noose’ to unravel immediately after you tie it. Make sure to leave enough lace at the end for the next step.

Once you have wrapped the free lace around the bunny ear loop, feed the free tip of your lace through the bottom gap. By the bottom gap, I mean the opening that exists between the original cross that you made (right at the very beginning) and around the noose that has started to form. Feed the tip through this opening and pull it through all the way but don’t pull it tight at this very moment. To tighten the knot, pull the noose (the place where the head would go – loopy bit right at the top) and the free end of the lace together and your noose knot should be done!

We have gone through the method of lacing the base of your Yeezys and have provided 2 alternatives to lace the top of them compared to the traditional ‘bunny ear’ method. I hope you found this useful.



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