The Best Bots for Retail Sites

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The Best Bots for Retail Sites

Retail botting is growing every day and having the right bot in your arsenal is essential to being able to capitalize on all the opportunities.

All of these bots range in price and also performance and there is no “best” bot, it all depends on the user.

Stellar AIO

Stellar is one of the most popular retail bots both for its low cost and great performance. It performs well on every retail site there is; Walmart, Target, Amazon, Bestbuy, are all top performers of Stellar.

Stellar is currently at around $450-500 for a $30/month renewal. While there is no “best” bot for any user, Stellar is a great option for all because it does well on all of its modules. Their Target module is getting orders to stick, they have a working Bestbuy bypass and queue mode as a backup, their Amazon serverside module competes with all the top Amazon bots, and their Walmart module is also great.

Some users see the large userbase of Stellar as a downside however. Because of the large amount of users running Stellar, some users find it harder to “compete” against them all, or think that modules will get clipped easier.

Simply put, Stellar is a great bot for anyone who wants to get into retail botting regardless of budget.


Koi AIO is a fairly new bot that does not just do retail, but also supports Footsites and Kith EU along with a few other modules. The devs are constantly updating the bot and have a great vision for the future of Koi.

The main attraction of Koi as a retail bot is their Walmart module. It is one of the top Walmart modules available right now. With keys being slightly above $400 on the market right now, and a smaller userbase, Koi is a great option for anyone who wants a bot with a great future and huge updates planned as well as a Walmart module that absolutely cooks.

Koi also has a Target module that is doing well with cancels. They have a renewal fee of $40/m which was recently implemented. Koi’s Walmart module may be seen by some as better than Stellar’s, however it is hard to compare with such a difference in number of running users.

Fluid AIO

Fluid in the past was the king of Amazon and destroyed every restock, but in the past months their performance has dropped. While their current modules are subpar to most bots, they are testing huge updates with a Captcha AI for Walmart, as well as other updates.

Fluid is around $200 on the market at the moment, and can be a great investment for the future.

Estock Bot

Estock has been all the rage recently with their new “cloud” mode for Amazon. However, this mode has dropped in performance and the bot does not currently function well on Amazon.

Along with implementing a hefty cost to “unlock” the cloud mode, users are not very happy with the current state of the bot.

On another note, Estock has a great Walmart module that has been doing well. Estock currently sits at around $800-1000 on the market after a great crash from their peak at around $2700 when cloud was released.

In its current state, I would not recommend buying Estock but things change very quickly in the botting community, and we could see a turn around.


KSR, a GFNF group exclusive, is the top Target bot you can get right now, with the lowest rate of cancellations and highest rate of success across the board. It also has a great Walmart module that is being worked on as well.

Because of its exclusivity to GFNF, KSR is only available to purchase from KSR admin’s and staff at a firm price of $3000.

KSR is not unbindable and is risky to sell on a burner. However, its success speaks for itself.

As a side note, when buying KSR from a staff member it does not come with GFNF.

Ominous AIO

Ominous is the most expensive bot on this list, and for a good reason. Its main focus is Canadian sites but it still kills US sites. It does very well on Amazon, Walmart, as well as other sites such as their newly added Bestbuy.

However, they are priced at $4500 (and rising) because of other sites like SSense, Pacsun, and Footsites which are being beta tested.

They claim that their Footsites module being released soon is better than most top tier Footsite bots right now.

If you are looking to buy a retail bot, I would only suggest Ominous if you want other modules as well.

Viper AIO

Viper currently supports Amazon and has a serverside module that did very well, however the hype has died down.

They destroyed while not many other bots performed well but have since dropped in price. They are teasing a new update, however I would not call Viper a full blown retail bot.

It is around $3000 in price although it is not rising since their Amazon module declined in performance.

I would not recommend getting Viper unless you solely want for Amazon or trust in their new update.

Honorable Mentions

PPbot, Fake AIO, Popbot AIO, are all cloud-based retail bots that are known for hitting semi-well. They aren’t big hitters but are also lower in cost compared to most other bots and are best obtained through groupbuys.

If you are looking to hit high ticket items on Amazon like 30 series GPU’s these bots might not be your best bet, but they are definitely not bad.

SnailBot is another cloud based bot that is invite only and hits a lot. It is very good on Amazon and some other sites and fully cloud based with a web-dashboard. It has a low initial cost but is hard to get into.


There are many more retail bots than just the ones that were talked about in this article. Many bots are adding support for Amazon and Walmart and there are many private bots like Trickle and Lotus which perform amazing on sites like Walmart.

Every bot has a different entry price and features you need to consider when buying and it is up to the user to decide what is right for them.



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