What Are Meltable Products on Amazon and Why Selling Tools are Inaccurate!

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Did you know that your selling tools might not be the most accurate way to tell if a product is marked as meltable or not?

Below in this blog, we are going to be breaking down everything you need to know about meltable products and how to get access to the official list of them so you can see if the tool you are using is inaccurate or not!

What are Meltable products?

Meltable products are anything from chocolate to gels and polymers! Amazon considers a product meltable if it can withstand 75-155 Fahrenheit. If your product can withstand these temperatures then you can sell these products via FBA all year long!

When can you sell Meltable products?

Meltable products can be sold during the winter months. Amazon allows for meltable products to be sold between October 16 to April 14. Meltable inventory that arrives from Apr 15 to Oct 15 is marked

Why are tools sometimes inaccurate about what is meltable?

Amazon releases a list of ASINs they consider to be meltable. This list is constantly changing and must be manually updated within the tool's database. Often times on seller's tools like SellerAmp, I find many products that they consider meltable that Amazon may not consider meltable anymore. Utilizing the sheet Amazon is constantly updating will allow you to understand and know if you can sell a product via FBA!

Where is the link for meltable products?

Below is a document where you can view an updated list of all the meltable ASINs! Meltable ASIN List: CLICK HERE Did you find this thread helpful? Join our discord for more content like this and more!




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