What Is The Difference Between SellerAmp & Keepa?

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If you have been a seller on Amazon for a long time or are just starting out then you likely have heard about Keepa and SellerAmp Both of these tools allow a seller to gather data about products so that they can make an informed decision on if it's the right buy for them!

What is Keepa (from an Amazon Sellers' perspective)?

Keepa is a company that has one of the largest databases about product trends. This includes historical data, such as price changes, seller ranks, number of sellers and so much more! If you want to learn from a more detailed summary then checkout this thread we create by clicking here!

Keepa's database for product information is unmatched by other companies. There are only two possible companies that have more data than Keepa and that is Amazon themselves and possibly Walmart.com. Since Keepa is so data-rich, They are able to inform sellers on different trends so that they are able to make an informed decision on if buying the product to sell on Amazon is the right move for them.

What is SellerAMP?

SellerAmp is a Chrome extension similar to Keepa that is able to integrate a bunch of information into one easy-to-view tool. The majority of the information that SellerAmp comes from Keepa but is displayed in an easy-to-view way! So instead of viewing information from a very analytical perspective, they are able to display that information so you can view products faster with the data you need the most to make an informed decision! Although most of the information comes from Keepa, not all of it does! There are a lot of features that SellerAmp displays that are most desired such as the estimated number of sales if a product is hazmat or meltable, or even the ability to reverse search to source the product you are viewing! SellerAmp has a feature that allows you to be able to view all the sites that sell a product you are viewing on amazon through their reverse search feature so you can find out sites selling the product for cheaper and faster!

What kind of sellers use Keepa?

There are a variety of sellers who will utilize sellers! those people include sellers who practice retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, and wholesaling! You may be asking yourself what this means if you are a new seller so below we have broken down what this exactly is!

Retail and online arbitrage are the two most popular selling tactics that beginners use when they start to sell on Amazon. It is the easiest way to get started without breaking the bank and reducing your risk! What this selling method utilizes is buying products from in-store or online and selling it back on Amazon for a higher price. This could be done by utilizing promotional offers, couponing, cashback services (Rakuten), and more! The price you see on Amazon is not always the cheapest price. Often times you are able to find the same product on a different site for more. However, People don't always go to different sites to find the best price but simply go to a site they are familiar with. For many people, that familiar site is Amazon due to its convenience, large selection of items, and familiarity.

Wholesaling involves more experience sellers that have been selling on Amazon for quite some time or have a lot of capital that they are willing to invest. When you wholesale, there are often times large order minimums, long lead times, or they are capital intensive for other reasons. This is not an option for newer sellers for these reasons but is the easiest way to scale and see month-to-month consistent growth.

Should I get Keepa or SellerAmp?

This is a common question we often see in new sellers which tool they should get? The answer is not one that you are going to want to hear but it is essential for having a successful long term Amazon business! The answer to that question is both because they both display different types of the same information! You may be wondering what does this mean. How can they display the same information but be different? When you purchase SellerAmp, you are going to get the most vital numbers you need quickly that are current. When you purchase Keepa, you will get a ton of historical data from when the product was first created! This will allow you to gain a perspective on the trends over time to see if the product has a stable price, rank and is not inflated with a ton of sellers that will eventually start undercutting!



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