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With a busy June month of Yeezy’s, many botters had to utilize Yeezy Supply as their main botting target to resell shoes. Yeezy Supply, or known as YS in the botting community, is one of the most straightforward sites to bot, but any small issue or mistake can cause your setup to be worthless.

Your bot, proxies, gmails, start time, harvesters, profiles, credit cards, everything matters on Yeezy Supply, and that’s what this article will dig into.


Yeezy Supply has recently made some anti-bot and firewall changes which changes the way that proxies can generate cookies. They added a limit to the number of cookies that a single IP can generate meaning that there’s a high chance if you use a residential provider or ISP provider that double sells their proxies, you’ll run into firewall/cookie issues. You can also run into this issue if you run more tasks than you have proxies. For example if you run 50 tasks with 25 ISP’s, you’ll likely run into this issue and it’ll prevent you from carting.

This being said, the best proxies right now are private resi’s, or ones that have small subnets and are less used. ISP’s also work if you run a 1:1 task to proxy ratio and the IP is able to access YS in general (not banned).


Gmails are one of, if not the most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to YS. YeezySupply uses a splash page in order to queue the user and in order to pass this page you have to solve v3 captchas in the background. These are invisible. Having a gmail with a higher score will allow you to pass splash more frequently.

While it was originally believed that a .9 v3 score is all you needed on your gmail, it has recently been found that the v3 score varies depending on the site it is tested on. This means that what google considers a .9 score, YS considers it much different.

A great way around this inconsistency is to use only Gmails that are one clicks when tested with Recaptcha v2 checkbox. This ensures that the trust score of the gmail is high.

You can achieve this by either buying gmails with a high trust score, or using a farming tool like AYCD One Click or Kylin One Click to farm your gmail.

Farming is when a tool generates human-like activity to get higher trust scores from google.

One more thing to point out about gmails is that the more they are used in a drop, the lower their trust score becomes and the harder it will become to pass splash. Because of this, it is recommended to use one gmail for every one hundred tasks (1:100 gmail to task ratio).

Start Time

Depending on the bot, your start time for YS should be different. For some bots, they will enable certain things in the backend that will allow the bot to work better and therefore you need to start only when they ping and say start tasks. This is usually when the sale goes live, which is when the shoes are actually available to purchase.

Yeezy Supply traditionally drops at 9am EST and the sale goes live a few minutes after.

However, for some bots it is recommended to start a bit earlier because it looks more human-like, and you may have an easier time passing splash after you’ve been in the waiting room for a little. A great example of this is Dashe.

You do not want to start tasks too early though as it depletes your gmail and data usage.

Usually, you don’t want to start earlier than 5 minutes before the sale goes live. Because you don’t actually know when this is, I would not start more than 5 minutes before the hour. Right on the hour is usually a popular start time because it does not deplete gmails very much but allows your tasks to get in the splash page a little earlier.


In-Bot harvesters are used for many bots to insert a gmail and proxy and solve the v3 captcha’s. For most bots, you can use either the in-bot harvesters or AYCD autosolve. This depends on each bot and what they recommend.

It all depends on each bot’s captcha handling.

For harvester proxy you want to use the proxy it was farmed with, or a captcha or ISP proxy. On bots like Sole, the proxy has to access the actual site, meaning that the proxy you use in your harvester cannot be banned on YS.

A lot of bots are interchangeable with harvesters vs. Autosolve however some that are not are: Tohru and Ganesh. You should use Autosolve with these. Prism, Valor, and Wrath. You should use in-bot harvesters with these.

For most though, you should refer to the bot discord/guide.

Before a drop it is also recommended to watch youtube in the harvester to generate even more human-like activity. The equivalent to this is checking off “Warm browser with activity” when starting Autosolve.


Profiles are a very important part of botting YS as a bad profile can cause you to get Fraud Declines. You’ll want to make sure you’re jigging your profiles so you can get multiple pairs to the same address. YS typically allows a single profile 3-5 checkouts before declining.

You’ll want to jig your profiles by first changing things like Street to St, Lane to Ln, etc. Then you can add three letters to the front of your address line 1, for example: ABC 123 Test Street. Another option is to add an Apt #, Unit #, Floor #, or something of the sort in address line 2. For example, address line 1: 123 Test Street - Address line 2: Apt 13.

Either of these work and success varies between users.

The cards you use on your profiles may be the most important part, and we’ll dive into that next.


YeezySupply has what is called 3DS, a form of payment verification. When you enter in your card it goes through 3DS and depending on your bank/card you might have to approve the charge in your banking app or type in an sms code.

This is very inconvenient and sometimes leads to declines, and other problems. You’ll want to avoid 3DS at all costs. Some of the best options are to use VCC’s. These VCC’s currently get no 3DS at all.

-Stripe -Privacy -Capital One Eno (Must be Visa) -Social Payment Service Cards (Cashapp, Paypal, Venmo cards) -Other VCC providers such as Divvy, Lithic, and TradeShift Go (These are harder to get into)

Other cards can work but these will be your best bet. For hard cards, Visa generally work best.


Of course the bot you are using plays a major factor in your ability to hit on YS. Some of the most consistent, top performing bots are:

-Wrath -Ganesh -Mek -Dashe -Sole -Valor -Tohru

These are in no specific order but are all very consistent. A small thing to note, Valor and Ganesh are not rentable if you are looking to rent a bot from that list. For a more in depth guide on what bot to use on YeezySupply, check out the article “Best bots for YeezySupply”.


YeezySupply is a very detailed site to bot and you should make sure you have every detail down. All in all though, it isn’t the most difficult site to bot and is great for getting multiples each release and it usually has high stock. You need to remember though, YeezySupply is a numbers game. The more tasks, more gmails, more proxies, more profiles, more bots you’re running, the more checkouts will be possible to you. I encourage everyone to diversify your setup with different proxy providers and types, and different bots.



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